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A QSL card is to confirm a contact established through radio. Both stations exchange signal report, and other information, such as frequency, date and time and depending on the mode of communication, the Grid zone.

Some Radio amateurs use e QSL, for electronic QSL card; I find this method a bit impersonal! It feels great when you get a QSL card through snail mail, you get to checkout some of the cool stamps from other countries and develop a personal album for all the neat and different looking QSL cards.
Left two pictures: An example of a QSL card sent from Korea. I even keep the envelopes with the stamps.
Top: This QSL card was designed specifically for Satellite contacts.
Amateur Satellite is an interesting and very challenging mode of communication. It usually involves complex tracking software and high gain beam antennas that can be rotated to follow the path of the satellite. One particular satellite is fairly easy to establish contact on, UO14, an FM satellite with an input on 145.975MHz and an output on 435.070MHz. All you need is a dual band FM transceiver and some tuning skills to be able to 'work the bird'
Check out the Amateur Satellite link below for more information on Amateur Satellites!
Bottom top picture, from left to right: Paul KF6ZRJ, myself & one of the modern pillars of Amateur Radio; Gordon West, WB6NOA. Bottom Picture: in the CA desert.
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