Welcome to    M E C H A N I C A   &   M E T A L I C A   Album. Most pictures in this album were taken in the Big Bear & Fawnskin areas in Southern California. By taking advantage of certain seasonal and lighting conditions,  image color rendition and contrast can be dramatically enhanced! Some images in this album closely resemble an abstract painting!   Further into this album you'll meet   H  E  R  C  U  L  E  S   &    G  L  A  D  I  A  T  O  R .     
Top picture Titled: M E C H A N I C A
Nikon D2H Digital SLR, AFS Nikkor 80~200mm 1:2.8D ED-IF zoom lens. Hitachi microdrive 2GB.     
Hassan Mustafa
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M      E      C      H      A      N      I      C      A