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New to photography? Do you find some of the terms and abbreviations confusing? This legend page will help!
TTL: Camera utilizes Through The Lens metering system. Nikon & Leica when so noted
AF: Auto Focus lens system. AFS: Fast Auto Focus with the silent wave motor~Nikkor lenses.
AFD: Auto Focus lens with the Distance sensor. Lens communicates object distance data to the camera's microprocessor. Used on Nikon lenses and professional bodies with 3D matrix color metering system.
ED: Extra Low Dispersion optical elements embeded in the lens groupings to control and correct Apochromatic Aberrations, a common occurance when taking high contrast photography. Nikon uses multiple ED elements in their long focal length telephoto & zoom lenses.
IF: Internal Focusing system utilized. The focusing ring and the front lens element does not rotate due to an elaborate internal mechanizm.  Nikon lenses when so noted.
AFS-VR G: Auto Focus lens, G class lens with no apreture ring. Apreture can be controlled from the Nikon camera body. S, lens utilizes silent wave motor for auto focus operation. VR, lens also utilizes Vibration Reduction technology, which gives the capability of shooting up to three F stop faster at the long focal length, in addition to image stabilization. Nikon VR Zoom lenses.
SLR: Single Lens Reflex type camera body. Rangefinder: Classical camera body design relates mostly to Leica M class camera bodies.
APO: Apochromatic lens element. Uutilizes special coating to minimize Apochromatic Aberrations, an anomally that diffuses the image surface when taking high contrast photos in sunny conditions. Nikon & Leica when noted.
ASPH. ASPHERIC/ASPHERICAL: The latest lens design technology, complex mathematical equations are utilized to enhance the efficiency of the lens element. When so noted, Leica & Nikon lenses.
18~35mm. Zoom lens, encompassing all focal lengths between 18mm & 35mm. Nikon lenses.
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Anything we missed? Came across a term you don't understand? Please email with any questions! More terms coming soon!
Top picture:
The all new D2H Nikon Digital professional SLR. 8 frames per second @ 4.1 Mega pixel.

Right Top picture:
The new class of Leica Rangefinder cameras, the M7, with TTL and Automatic shutter.

Right bottom picture:
The new class of Nikkor lenses, AFS-G VR ED-IF. Utilizes fast autofocus with the silent wave motor, G category, which enables control of appreture ring through the camera body, ED glass elements, IF internal focusing and Vibration Reduction technology.