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David,WA6TWF, next to his impressive Remote Base station.
Remote Bases are fun Amateur radio toys, and can be very effective in crossband communications using multiple frequencies and multiple modes. In the event of national emergency or a natural disaster, they can be used to relay emergency traffic as the cell phone system overloads.
Amateur radio operators, who live in CCNR regulated residential areas, where there are restrictions against outside antennas and towers, find remote bases particularly useful. By using a small hand held UHF radio, the size of a cell phone, they can access the remote base station and control different frequencies from HF to UHF, without having to mount a huge beam on a tower structure and cause possible interferrence to their neighbours TV sets!

Another way of getting in touch with far away stations is through a communication mode called the IRLP, or the Internet Radio Linking Project! A marriage between Ham radio and computers allows communication through the internet using Voice over IP technology and Linux operating System.
Hams can also use a computer ONLY to establish a connection with a distant station through a mode called Echo Link. Both modes of communication require an Amateur Radio License to be used, and a strict verification, authentication and enforcement is in place to block unauthorized use of these systems.

I  R  L  P                W6BH  REMOTE               Echo Link
Below is David's, WA6TWF, remote base in the construction stages. It will soon find a loving home on a high elevation hill top, and provide excellent service to the Amateur Radio community.